TAELE is an online remote Spanish test which you can do from anywhere around the world, at any time you wish, independent of your age or background and without requiring you to visit a test center. In this Spanish exam, we check the four basic skills of listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing and speaking and within 24-72 hours provide you with a certificate by Academia Uruguay, a language center accredited by the Spanish Instituto Cervantes, and the Institute for Advanced Studies IEA.

The test

The exam provides a measure of your Spanish level on an internationally recognized scale such as the European Reference Framework for learning languages and the North-American ACTFL scale.  We certify starting at the European A2 up to – and including – the C2 level, which on the ACTFL scale corresponds to “Novice III” and “Distinguished”. We do not certify the A1 level. Our certificate distinguishes your level on each of the four basic competencies (listening, reading, writing, speaking) and also certifies an overall level.

Depending on your Spanish level, the exam is between 1 and 3 hours long and entirely online. From your home or workplace, or any other preferred location, you will connect with our online platform, authenticate yourself with an ID (AI-based biometric ID verification) and start the test. You only need a room without distractions where you are on your own, a computer, a webcam and internet access. We record you (audio and video) while you take the test and use a system of remote invigilation with artificial intelligence to prevent candidates from cheating. 


There is no single official international Spanish exam recognized worldwide. Even the DELE exam, offered offline, six times each year by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and probably the most widely accepted test of the Spanish language, is only as valid as the recipient of the score determines it to be (incidentally Academia Uruguay is an official test center for the DELE exam and we recommend the exam to our students). For online remote exams, ours is as reputable and credible as they get and is provided by a center itself accredited by the Instituto Cervantes.

We certify your Spanish level and put our recognized name and stamp on the certificate. The integrity, authenticity and credibility of our exams solution is key and we use a state-of-the-art German proctoring technology to ensure this. Our online remote proctored exam is recorded and graded by language professionals with years of experience in skill-level testing and thousands of students tested. 

Sign up and price

The price of the exam is 120 USD or the equivalent in other currencies.

If you have questions or want to sign up for the exam, please use our contact form for fastest response time and wait for us to send you instructions within 24 working hours. If you want to speed up the process, you can already make the payment of 120 USD by credit card here stating EXAM when asked for a student ID.

We guarantee you can do the online test within 48 hours of your first contacting us or you get your money back.

Correcting and grading the audio and writing parts of the exam takes time. With our standard method you will get the results within 72 working hours of the test date. No other online Spanish test produces faster certified results. For exam results and certificates with 24 working hours after the exam, we charge an extra fee of 100 USD.