The test

The exam provides a measure of your Spanish level on an internationally recognized scale such as the European Reference Framework for learning languages and the North-American ACTFL scale.  We certify starting at the European A2 up to – and including – the C2 level, which on the ACTFL scale corresponds to “Novice III” and “Distinguished”. We do not certify the A1 level. Our certificate distinguishes your level on each of the four basic competencies (listening, reading, writing, speaking) and also certifies an overall level.

Depending on your Spanish level, the exam is between 1 and 3 hours long and entirely online. From your home or workplace, or any other preferred location, you will connect with our online platform, authenticate yourself with an ID (AI-based biometric ID verification) and start the test. You only need a room without distractions where you are on your own, a computer, a webcam and internet access. We record you (audio and video) while you take the test and use a system of remote invigilation with artificial intelligence to prevent candidates from cheating.